Apply iOS7 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y GT-S5360

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There are several custom ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 and all most other OS ROMs are popular. This is the best way to get other OS features apart from Android on device. Not only Galaxy Y other Samsung phone especially are treated with it. All the thanks go to xda developer for bringing up the iOS7 Custom ROM for Galaxy Y GT-S5360. The ROM is basically pattern/ theme seen in Apple phones and comes with other basic features. In this article you will come across the requirement and procedure to get the custom ROM on Galaxy Y. 

It always a debate between smartphone user that who is best Android or Apple. Many people have their own views and put the best on tablet and we have also put our view through an article- Android Smartphone Users Brag Much than iPhone Users, Why?. If you still want to give a try then go and get the iOS7 beta look on your Android or apply the ios7 custom ROM on Galaxy Y.

Yes, it’s a stable ROM that is based on latest precy cyanogenmod 7.2. The theme is of ios7 with alike ControlCentre, modified popup menu, text fields, volume up &down and other looks. The application will automatically get resized to your Galaxy Y when the ROM runs on the device. There several other features that can be explored if you flash the ROM and few can be seen in the screenshots given above. Only one thing is not working is the USB tethering otherwise all are fine.

Caution: Definitely after applying this ROM, the Galaxy Y will get rooted. It is most time seen that the custom ROMs comes with pre-rooted capabilities. If you are a new Galaxy Y user then you must not try it. Give a chance to understand the Android os first then go for fantastic ROMs. In any case you want then the responsibility and the entire risk is on you. Pamandroid will no be responsible for damage or loss of warranty (100% loss). The stock ROM is available for Galaxy Y to get back the warranty. The user will also get restricted of using the OTA update rather he/she has to upgrade its software officially through Odin manual process.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360
  2. Computer with internet connection
  3. Original USB cable
  4. Make sure the phone has minimum of 30% battery
  5. Backup data using backup app
  6. Enable the USB Debugging by settings->application->development and tick the box and later untick it


  • Clockworkmod zip (
  • Precy cm7.2 (click on the source link given below)
  • Ios7 custom rom zip 1 (

Steps to flash iOS7 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Step 1: Backup is strictly needed, so perform this task first then download the above files in your computer. Do not extract the zip files or rename it. Let it remain the way it is.

Step 2: Now connect your device to computer and place all the three downloaded zip in the SD card. Make sure they are placed in root rather in any sub folder. Then detach the cable.

Step 3: Switch off the power and press Volume up key+ middle button+ power button to eneter into recovery mode. With volume rocker select the install zip from sd card and choose the file first and press middle button to confirm the selection.

Step 4: Then go to mounts and storage section and select the same and then mount all the following things;

mount/data, mount/sdcard, mount/system, mount/cache

Step 5: Follow again select to install the zip from sd card and this time select Precy cm7.2 and confirm the middle button to flash.

Step 6: If the phone boot into normal boot after flashing the kernel zip then again boot into recovery mode by following step 3 and 4.

Step 7: Again select to install the zip from sd card and choose the ios rom zip to flash and confirm with middle button. Select yes to finish the flashing.

Step 8: After all has been done go back and select wipe data cache and select wipe data/factory reset  and then reboot system now to boot in normal mode.

Congratulations, you have finally got the Ios7 custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. This rom will only work with this model only, trying on other can give extraordinary result and we are not responsible if anything goes wrong.

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