Android 4.3 Focal Camera from CM10.2!

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CyanogenMod Team has released a brand, new focal camera with their latest CM10.2 Android 4.3 custom ROMs.

Well, you can try this focal camera on your Android device. Since this is a separate app, it will install as an additional camera on your Android device.

To install, simply download the Focal.apk file and install it using a file manager app such as ES File Explorer (see latter part of video for installation instructions). No root is required to install this camera.

Download Focal.apk

Overall, Focal camera is a pretty good at “focusing”, takes rapid photos with great touchscreen options for adjusting your photos. Also, many stock AOSP ROMs don’t support manual focus for camcorder function but Focal camera does this very well, making it an ideal camera for videographers.

There’s also PicSphere which is sorta like PhotoSphere but I don’t recommend it much, it seems a bit buggy and beta at this point. Otherwise, Focal camera is another great alternative to your existing camera on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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