Google Glass: How will it impact on our everyday lives?



Google Glass is due to be released next year, so how will it impact on our everyday lives?

 A number of lucky folks in the US are already beta testing Google’s innovative wearable technology solution Google Glass. Essentially, it’s a pair of glasses with a built-in computer that can undertake many of the tasks normally conducted on a smartphone.

Google Glass has an built-in prism display – that sits just above your eye-line – and is controlled using a combination of gestures, voice-control and motion control. That enables you to browse the web, record video , upload content to social networks and answer calls without having to use your hands. For those wondering, sound is delivered using bone-conduction technology which sends tiny vibrants through your skull.

Google Glass will become available to buy before the end of the year, although we don’t yet have a price-point. In this article we’ll look at the major ways Google Glass will influence our everyday lives !

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Hands-free video recording

When Google Glass was announced back in April 2013, the feature that attracted the most attention was its capability to record hands-free HD video. That’s of particular interest to those who partake in extreme sports because they’ll be able to record their endeavours without the need for bulky and expensive equipment.

Even those with more mundane past-times will enjoy hands-free video recording – if nothing else it’ll keep your hands free while recording, so you can hold a child or wave your arms at a One Direction concert. Could we even see Google Glass being used as evidence in insurance claims – possibly, but the UK government are currently considering banning it’s use when driving.

Never Miss A Snap Again

The fact that Google Glass is always ready to take pictures or videos will also make a huge difference to everyday life.

Think about all the times when you’ve wished you had a camera to hand, and by the time you’ve got your smartphone out of your bag the moment has passed. Never again, because Google Glass is always ready to take snaps and videos which can be initiated with a single voice command or gesture.


So Long Sat-Nav

Google Glass has the potential to completely replace satellite navigation systems, and it works whether you are driving, walking, cycling or travelling on public transport. Google’s Maps is always constantly evolving and expanding , and the best thing of all is that it’s totally free.

The prism display just above your eye line is also arguably a safer solution than offer by other devices. Never again do you have to take your eyes off the road to glance over to your sat-nav or smartphone while driving.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is something you’ll hear more and more about over the coming months. It’s where technology augments (or supplements) a real-word view or experience. For example, by overlaying street names or restaurant locations based on where a user is looking at – achieved using Google Glass’s built-in camera.

Other potential uses included using Google Glass as a museum guide – automatically bringing up additional information about a painting as you look at them – or to translate foreign languages whilst you are on holiday.

Privacy Concerns

Google’s Glass is undoubtedly a pioneering and innovative piece of technology – but it’s not without it’s objectors who are concerned about how it’ll impact on our privacy. Google Glass could always be recording or taking snaps without other users knowledge, which has led to a number of US retailers banning it’s use in their stores.


Other potential concerns include accidentally sharing sensitive data, such as your PIN number,  by forgetting to turn off Glass when streaming live video. It’s also possible Google Glass could be hacked leading to all aspects of your life being unwittingly shared with the world – think a more sinister version of the movie the ‘Truman Show’.

Others are concerned with how much data Google themselves could obtain about a Google Glass user. Essentially, they will be able to access a users subconscious , tracking both eye and head movement. The data gathered could be used to send you adverts, urge you to buy things and much more.

Our Verdict

Google Glass is an exciting piece of kit that should permeate many aspects of everyday life. However, the privacy concerns are a potential minefield and we still wonder whether people are willing to wear Google Glass in public – it does help that you can customise them. although currently they dont support prescription lenses.

Google are conducting an extended, extensive beta test to iron out any problems and security features , so hopefully everything will run smoothly when Google Glass launches later this year. Whatever happens , it’s a definite sign of things to come and the future is undoubtedly an exciting prospect !


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