Easily Tweak System Sounds with Ultimate Sound Control

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Android’s Sound Settings page does not allow for a great deal of customization. Currently on vanilla Android, you are able to adjust media volume, ring/notification volume, and alarm volume. As we all know, however, there are many other volumes that you are able to control in different places in the Android OS.

Previously, adjusting these hidden volumes meant waiting for these sounds to take sound focus and adjusting the volume manually with the volume rocker. Now, there’s a better way, thanks to Ultimate Sound Control by XDA Senior Member nagasgura.

So what exactly can you do with Ultimate Sound Control? Well, the root-enabled application lives up to its name by allowing you to view and adjust all possible volumes on your device. This includes media, ring/notification, call, alarm, and system volume—all from one screen. Furthermore, you can easily disable any system sound, such as your camera shutter or low battery sound. (Please note that in some regions, disabling a camera shutter sound is illegal.)

Make your way over to the application thread to get your fix.

Normally, this application comes in two forms: a lite version that allows you to adjust any volume and disable any sound, and a pro version that adds the ability to replace any system sound with a sound of your choosing. However, for the next three days, the developer has generously made the premium version available for free in the XDA thread


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