How to get internet without 3G with reverse tethering on Android

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We all know that what normal Android tethering is from our previous post. Yes, with tethering you can use the 3G connection in your mobile phone and surf the computer’s internet. With tethering your Android phone gets the functions of the 3G Modem. Now, let us come back to the point. Our point is what is Reverse Tethering? In Reverse Tethering, the android mobile handset uses the internet connection from the ADSL link on the PC. In other words, you don’t need your 3G/4G or GPRS connections to be used to get internet on your phone. This is very useful when your mobile 3G data plans or tariffs have limited usage limit or heavily charged on usage.

For taking up reverse tethering you must have a rooted android phone. Rooting is the process wherein your Android phone becomes free but since there are some risks associated we recommend that you must take up rooting the android phone at your own risk.

Now, when you have the rooted phone with you, you must follow the guide as given below to perform reverse tethering. The credit for this app goes to one of the popular XDA member Capslock666. But still, it is important to know that this app is still in the beta stage and you won’t be able to download the app from the market. But still, this app is working on many android phones and it is working in a perfect way.


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