Customize “Complete Action Using” Menu with Xposed Module

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Having multiple apps that can perform the same actions installed on one device can get pretty annoying after a while. Ignoring the obvious question of why this is even the case in the first place, every time you press a link, a photo, or video, a whole bunch of apps pop up begging you to press them, no matter how many times you’ve made it clear that you prefer Chrome over Firefox. So with no native option to customize these menus on the Android platform, XDA Senior Member p.valenta developed an Xposed module to address this gripe.


How to close multiple apps at once with multitasking in iOS 7

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How to close up to three apps at one time with multitasking in iOS 7

If your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 7, multitasking itself has gotten even better. Aside from live previews of what which app is running, it has also become faster and easier to hard quit apps. You can even close multiple apps at once!

Hate the new Calendar app in iOS 7? Here are the best App Store alternatives!

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Hate the new Calendar app in iOS 7? Here's a list of great alternatives!


While the new, built-in iOS 7 Calendar app is clean, it’s a dramatic change from the old one and not a change everyone thinks is for the better. If you’ve been a die-hard Calendar app aficionado, but now you find yourself looking around for an alternative, you’re in luck! There are several really great calendar replacement apps in the App Store, and they can all tie into the same iOS calendar database, so all of your appointments, events, birthdays, and more will “just work” in your new calendar app, the way they always did in the default one.

Here are my favorites!

How to downgrade from iOS 7 back to iOS 6 on your iPhone or iPad

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Maybe you’re sick of playing around with iOS 7 or maybe you got stuck while trying to update to iOS 7? Either way you can easily get back to iOS 6 and be back to what you’re used to or back to a good starting point to try and update to iOS 7 again. Here’s how to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS 7 back to iOS 6.

How to block phone calls, FaceTime calls, and Messages from someone in iOS 7

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How to block phone calls, FaceTime calls, and Messages from someone in iOS 7

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 or higher, you have the ability to block people from being able to call you, send you messages, or FaceTime you. No more annoying calls to your carrier or extra fees are necessary as long as you’re using an iPhone or an iPad.

How to shrink the Galaxy Note 3’s display into a tiny window

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We may live in a world of 6.3 to 6.4-inch smartphones, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7-incher is still pretty big. And getting around it using only your thumb can be a challenge. Samsung has always offered “one-handed mode” software tricks on the Note series — for example, letting you shrink and rearrange the keyboard, dialer, and other areas for easier thumbing.