KitKat Rolling Out to the Sprint Galaxy Note 3, Download a Pre-Rooted Build!

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Just a couple days ago, we talked about how Samsung finally shared its KitKat update plans for several of its devices. Now, we’re seeing Android 4.4.2 make its way to the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, following up on the release of the KitKat-compatible kernel source for the device.


Use Your Android Device as a Remote Controller for Your PC

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Smartphones serve as ideal multimedia devices. With them, you can easily control your Smart TV or stream video through your Chromecast. Phones can be also used to control your PC, but you need external applications for that—applications like PC Quick Commands by XDA Senior Member ssrij.

Customize “Complete Action Using” Menu with Xposed Module

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Having multiple apps that can perform the same actions installed on one device can get pretty annoying after a while. Ignoring the obvious question of why this is even the case in the first place, every time you press a link, a photo, or video, a whole bunch of apps pop up begging you to press them, no matter how many times you’ve made it clear that you prefer Chrome over Firefox. So with no native option to customize these menus on the Android platform, XDA Senior Member p.valenta developed an Xposed module to address this gripe.

Change Your Battery Stats Color with a Smali Modification

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Holo UI has become an integral part of Android ever since the the launch of version 3.0 Honeycomb. Its visual styling has earned quite a few fans, as well as many who actually dislike it. A few days ago, we talked about the Holofication Nation project, where developers are transforming well known applications to better fit the Holo style. Now it’s time to continue this journey and further ‘Holo-ify’ your device.

How to get internet without 3G with reverse tethering on Android

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We all know that what normal Android tethering is from our previous post. Yes, with tethering you can use the 3G connection in your mobile phone and surf the computer’s internet. With tethering your Android phone gets the functions of the 3G Modem. Now, let us come back to the point. Our point is what is Reverse Tethering? In Reverse Tethering, the android mobile handset uses the internet connection from the ADSL link on the PC. In other words, you don’t need your 3G/4G or GPRS connections to be used to get internet on your phone. This is very useful when your mobile 3G data plans or tariffs have limited usage limit or heavily charged on usage.

Easily Fine Tune Status Bar Notifications with Notification Clean

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Don’t you hate it when that certain app creates an unwanted notification in your status bar? So do we. In fact, even Google doesn’t like unwanted spam in the status bar. This is, after all, why they no longer allow advertisements in the status bar.

Disable the Low Battery Alert with Xposed

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There are plenty of Xposed modules out there. Their purposes range widely from adding previously device-specific functionality to patching bugs, and everything in between. This is, of course, all made possible by XDA Recognized Developer rovo89‘s fantastic Xposed Framework (thread) . The framework allows developers to create a module APK that is able to make a modification at runtime, while leaving original files intact. Both a boost in ease-of-use and user safety, Xposed makes device modification into a click and reboot affair.

CF-Auto-Root for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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We’ve written about XDA Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire‘s CF-Auto-Root for various devices in the past. For those just now hearing about CF-Auto-Root for the first time, it’s essentially the easiest and quickest way to achieve initial root for your Samsung device, while keeping your newly rooted device as close to stock as possible. And due to the ease at which this can be applied, it’s essentially “root for rooting beginners,” as Chainfire himself puts it.

TWRP Recovery Themes for 720p Devices

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Sometimes, it’s those little tweaks that fill us with the most joy inside—you know, little goodies like boot animations, themed icons, and the like. After all, our mobile devices are growing so incredibly powerful that not even manufacturer-supplied bloatware can hold them back from delivering acceptable levels of performance. Because of this, many have taken to creating and applying themes all throughout their OS in the form of themed apps, launchers, and icons.

how to root samsung galaxy quattro Gt i8552

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Hello Guys….

Well say a good bye to Framaroot… Now cwm has released… Thanks to Shabby….
Now for rooting its so simple

Install cwm as per the instructions from here…php?p=45738322

1, download Root-SuperSU-v104 attached here
2, place it in sdcard(dont put it inside any folder)
3, Boot into cwm and select apply update from sdcard and select the Root Supersu
4, wait till its done….
5, Reboot your phone


********UNROOT GT-I8552*********

Procees as above … instead of the former file take Unroot