Android 4.3 Focal Camera from CM10.2!

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CyanogenMod Team has released a brand, new focal camera with their latest CM10.2 Android 4.3 custom ROMs.

Well, you can try this focal camera on your Android device. Since this is a separate app, it will install as an additional camera on your Android device.

Project Dark™ OS : Dark™ MAGIC

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Dark™ MAGIC Custom ROM for Micromax A110


  • Based on Android 4.2.2
  • Andriroxu’s Kernel 3.4.5 Reloaded
  • AROMA Installer
  • Smoother UI
  • Zip-Aligned
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Lenovo File Manager
  • Added /data app support
  • init.d support
  • init.d tweaks added
  • Smooth Touch Tweak added
  • Rear & Front Camera working
  • LED Notification working
  • Micromax A110Q Launcher
  • Viper4FX Loaded
  • Powered with XPosed Modules
  • Gravity BOX Installed
  • Lewa Business icons
  • and some more

Only Show What You Want Others to See with Gallery Plus

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You might just be one of those people with your entire life on your handheld. Because of this, you need to have everything at your disposal with a short move of your arm and a quick swipe of the finger. That said, that is only you. And since you cannot selectively decide what you need to carry based on prying eyes and people needlessly touching your device, you need to find an alternative solution to keep your stuff…yours. XDA Forum Member appmobileplus developed a little app that may come in handy for those of you who do not wish to show shameless pictures of yourself to others.

Easy File Transfer Between PC and Device with Websharing 2.0

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Many moons ago, a developer known as XDA Forum Member tliebeck released a pretty interesting file manager called FX File Explorer, which among other things, allowed you to view and organize your media files in a more intuitive way without having to guess what you were looking at. This same dev also had another app under the name of WebSharing 1.0. This app along with most of its features was a perfect companion to the aforementioned file manager. As time went by, so did the development of WebSharing and its capabilities, leading us to today and a brand new version of the app. As it is commonplace with the Internet era lingo, the app has reached a level of evolution which grants it the “2.0″ designation.