Microsoft Releases (Free) Remote Desktop Client for Android

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Here on the XDA Portal, we normally don’t talk about applications developed by large corporate developers. We instead prefer focusing on the impressive development works created by our own community members (especially of the open source variety), as these creations demonstrate that when passion and dedication combine, greatness is sure to follow. That said, we make some exceptions every now and then when well warranted. Recently, Google released a couple of waves of updates for their first party Android apps. Now, Microsoft is making a rather large splash of its own on the Android platform with its free remote desktop client for Android (and iOS).

Easily Tweak System Sounds with Ultimate Sound Control

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Android’s Sound Settings page does not allow for a great deal of customization. Currently on vanilla Android, you are able to adjust media volume, ring/notification volume, and alarm volume. As we all know, however, there are many other volumes that you are able to control in different places in the Android OS.

Easily Fine Tune Status Bar Notifications with Notification Clean

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Don’t you hate it when that certain app creates an unwanted notification in your status bar? So do we. In fact, even Google doesn’t like unwanted spam in the status bar. This is, after all, why they no longer allow advertisements in the status bar.

How to Download/Install Play Store 4.0.25!

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Google has announced earlier today that the new Play Store 4.0, specifically 4.0.25, is being pushed out to all Android devices starting today.

That may take couple hours or even few weeks depending on the Android device you have but if you don’t want to wait, simply go ahead and download the APK file below and install on any Android device, no root required!

Clash of Clans comes to Android

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The popular iOS game Clash of Clans has finally made its way to Android.



Just like the iOS version, the game lets you build your clan and battle other players online, all for free.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that lets you build your settlement from a village to a fortress, create clans with other players, and battle online.

My Cloud Player Brings Improved SoundCloud Experience

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Media players are pretty much a dime a dozen on the Android platform. Since there are so many different options, there are dozens of legitimately good choices, all offering some kind of new organization or visualization feature aimed at making it stand out from the rest. Cloud-enabled media players, however, are slightly more scarce.

Hate the new Calendar app in iOS 7? Here are the best App Store alternatives!

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Hate the new Calendar app in iOS 7? Here's a list of great alternatives!


While the new, built-in iOS 7 Calendar app is clean, it’s a dramatic change from the old one and not a change everyone thinks is for the better. If you’ve been a die-hard Calendar app aficionado, but now you find yourself looking around for an alternative, you’re in luck! There are several really great calendar replacement apps in the App Store, and they can all tie into the same iOS calendar database, so all of your appointments, events, birthdays, and more will “just work” in your new calendar app, the way they always did in the default one.

Here are my favorites!

How to downgrade from iOS 7 back to iOS 6 on your iPhone or iPad

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Maybe you’re sick of playing around with iOS 7 or maybe you got stuck while trying to update to iOS 7? Either way you can easily get back to iOS 6 and be back to what you’re used to or back to a good starting point to try and update to iOS 7 again. Here’s how to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS 7 back to iOS 6.