Customize “Complete Action Using” Menu with Xposed Module

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Having multiple apps that can perform the same actions installed on one device can get pretty annoying after a while. Ignoring the obvious question of why this is even the case in the first place, every time you press a link, a photo, or video, a whole bunch of apps pop up begging you to press them, no matter how many times you’ve made it clear that you prefer Chrome over Firefox. So with no native option to customize these menus on the Android platform, XDA Senior Member p.valenta developed an Xposed module to address this gripe.


Full Screen Call Experience for the Sony Xperia P, U, and Sola

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XP-Full4-1024x513If an Android user in search of a full-screen call experience, a wide range of Android apps are available to accomplish this goal. Many of them are perfectly capable of providing a great alternative to the stock call screens OEMs have on their devices. Despite this, many would rather retain the native look of their applications instead of replacing them with something out of place.

CF-Auto-Root for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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We’ve written about XDA Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire‘s CF-Auto-Root for various devices in the past. For those just now hearing about CF-Auto-Root for the first time, it’s essentially the easiest and quickest way to achieve initial root for your Samsung device, while keeping your newly rooted device as close to stock as possible. And due to the ease at which this can be applied, it’s essentially “root for rooting beginners,” as Chainfire himself puts it.

how to root samsung galaxy quattro Gt i8552

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Hello Guys….

Well say a good bye to Framaroot… Now cwm has released… Thanks to Shabby….
Now for rooting its so simple

Install cwm as per the instructions from here…php?p=45738322

1, download Root-SuperSU-v104 attached here
2, place it in sdcard(dont put it inside any folder)
3, Boot into cwm and select apply update from sdcard and select the Root Supersu
4, wait till its done….
5, Reboot your phone


********UNROOT GT-I8552*********

Procees as above … instead of the former file take Unroot




Easy Rooting Toolkit Makes Rooting Simple on Sony Devices

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Normally when rooting a non-Nexus device, your first order of the day becomes finding out exactly what its particular rooting instructions are and what tools you need. For most users, this then means downloading a toolkit with the appropriate root exploit, superuser binary and control app, and a custom recovery. However, it’s always nice to see a utility that is compatible with a large number of devices.

FlashCast Makes Chromecast Rooting Easy

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Some time ago, we wrote about how the folks over at GTVHacker managed to root the Google Chromecast. Shortly thereafter, the secure boot vulnerability was closed, and this root method no longer worked. For this reason, many users refuse to let new Chromecast units connect to the Internet before first rooting and disabling OTAs.

Framaroot Brings One-Click Root to Various Devices

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For pretty much every device with a dedicated forum here on XDA, you’ll find all the tools and guides you could ever need to root your way into device freedom. Sure, some devices are a bit harder than others. But since the first step in device customization is achieving root, even the most locked down devices are eventually conquered.